friskybeat pleased to welcome a new artist to our roster! Cas introduces his first melodies to the label, Drawn EP

Producer, singer/songwriter, Miguel Leiva a.k.a "Cas" weaves a seamless 3-track EP, Drawn. He explores his personal musical interests while tantalizing you with vibrant rhythms. A recipe that leaves music lovers wanting more. And with a healthy dose of nu-disco and pop, Cas magically transports you on a harmonic odyssey into chords of A-Minor.

Cas's EP evokes the uneasiness of the daily hustle while offering freedoms and positive release through art and creativity. He sets the stage with his title track, Drawn. An entrancing mix of hypnotic melodies, rich female vocals, and moody lyrics. While On & On gets your heart pumping to its pulsating, catchy upbeats. To A Beach rounds out Cas’s introductory EP with a Latin-influenced, psychedelic, dub vibe

Harnessing acapella as the life force of his music, Cas grounds his grooves in putting both bass and vocals at the forefront of this EP. Sharing his affinity for four to the floor beats, he effortlessly maintains melodic hooks, playful samplings and an underlying theme of hope. A theme that is reflected in the dynamic cadences and percussive beats of Drawn.

Songs written, produced and performed by Miguel Leiva, Cas

1. Drawn (original mix)
2. On & On (original mix)
3. To A Beach (original mix)

All Tracks Published by: friskybeat records 2019


friskybeat records are pleased to announce our first release of 2019 “Happy” (the remixes)


Award-winning DJ/Producer Dickey Doo joins creative forces with fellow Berlin-based singer/songwriters Mavin and Snax, on this electrifying and upbeat, disco-inspired remix project entitled, “Happy”

The original extended “Happy” mix captivatingly showcases the warm and spirited vocals of gifted singer/songwriter, Sebastian "Mavin" Magassouba. While consummate, multi-instrumentalist Snax alongside the prolific Dickey Doo lead up the “Happy” production and arrangement. The result of this musical ensemble? An explosively fun and uplifting journey in live electronics and striking disco house beats.

Dickey Doo, known across the globe for exciting dancers with his infectious grooves and booty-shaking beats; drops two such tracks for the “Happy” remix project. A bumping Disco Dub and a sultry Latin Groove. Both mixes are seamlessly suffused with percussive rhythms, shuffling beats, funky basslines, subtle vocal undertones and melodies.

Lyrics and vocals by Sebastian Mavin Magassouba
Background vocals by Lady Bunny and Marie Eve Desjardins
Original extended mix - Produced and mixed by Snax and Dickey
Disco Dub & Latin Groove - Produced and mixed by Dickey.

1. Happy (Original Extended Mix)

2. Happy (Disco Dub)

3. Happy (Latin Groove)

All Tracks Published by: friskybeat records 2019

friskybeat records are pleased to announce their tenth release
Thinkin Bout You (the remixes)


Dj Producer Luis Machuca teams up with MoodLab Music to give rise to an amazing remix bundle of Vanessa Mood's soulful afro groove… entitled Thinkin Bout You.

Songwriter/Composer Vanessa Mood showcases her talents on the original arrangement by playing the bass, chords, and melody. At the same time, delivering a heartfelt message with a delightful vocal performance.

The remixes are arranged by talented producers to give the project it's signature friskybeat flavour. Luis Machuca re-touches the original version magnifying the existing groove with additional drums and percussion, a groovy bass-line, and melody. Ly Cheng brings on the heat with his remix, taking it deep into the roots of Afro House. In addition, Ly and Luis re-work the mix creating a dance-floor pleaser... Lucho's remix is a straight up funky house groove surely to electrify its audience. Lastly, we have Elektronik Estate deliver a smooth Nu-Disco mix that will appeal to the club goers and avid music listeners.


Written by Vanessa Mood
Remix Project by Luis Machuca

1. Thinkin Bout You (Luis M Retouch Mix)
2. Thinkin Bout You (Ly Cheng Remix)
3. Thinkin Bout You (Lucho's Remix)
4. Thinkin Bout You (Elektronik Estate Remix)
5. Thinkin Bout You (Ly & Luis Extended Rework)
6. Thinkin Bout You (Vanessa Mood's Original)

All Tracks Published by: friskybeat records 2018

Purple Vision is the latest song from the Digital Nomads.

Purple Vision is a blend of classic sounds and modern music technology. This new approach of mixing vintage with present-day sequencing shapes the future for Digital Nomads production.

Andre Stepanian orchestrates an array of hypnotic synths, and crispy drum loops forming the foundation of the song. Lastly, Andre adds his signature rhythmic and melodious guitar making the song a delightful funky house groove. 

His partner Luis Machuca, reworks Andre's clever arrangement by stripping out most of the synths and only leaving subtle hints of the guitar. Also, re-programs the drums, and adds an intense sub-bass plus filters making the dub mix deep and minimal.


Purple Vision written by Andre Stepanian
Produced by Andre Stepanian and Luis Machuca

Original mix arranged by Andre Stepanian
Dub mix arranged by Luis Machuca

1. Purple Vision (Original Mix)
2. Purple Vision (Dub Mix)

All Tracks Published by: friskybeat records 2018

The Time Has Come is the eight release from friskybeat records.

Lyricist and Spoken Word Artist Olive Jean Love teams up with Dj Producer Luis Machuca to give rise to a fabulous uplifting and positive dance groove…entitled The Time Has Come

On Lead Vocals is Diva Carrie Gibson providing a powerful vocal performance, delivering the message of love, hope and unity. On Background vocals is the poet, spoken word artist, story teller…Olive Jean Love who recites the message of “the time is now” firmly to the beat and interlaces it with rhythmic motion.

The Production and Arrangement of The Time Has Come is intricately woven together by Producer Luis Machuca.  He engages the listener with an array of funky drum programming, layers of progressive percussion, spicy samples and introduces the seductive earth sounds of Gustavo Ferman the Human Beat Box.  Finishing with Pianist Max Zipursky who delivers the soulful and groovy vibes.

Lyrics written by Olive Jean Love

Lead vocal by Carrie Gibson & Spoken word by Olive Jean Love
Keyboards by Max Zipursky
Produced, Mixed and Arranged by Luis Machuca
Photography: Melissa Rouz

1.The Time Has Come(Radio Mix)
2.The Time Has Come (Machucambo mix)
3.TheTime Has Come  (Souldrifter On Point Remix)
4.The Time Has Come ( Extended Mix)

All Tracks Published by: friskybeat records 2018

Azzatack is the newest Ep from the Digital Nomads.

This tech melodic house tune is the latest creation from the Digital Nomads team. Andre Stepanian, lays down the foundation for this track by orchestrating an array of raw beats, funky piano chords, and complements it with a guitar melody and solo.

His partner Luis Machuca, gives Andre's work a clever arrangement. At the same time, Luis adds a groovy bass-line and doubles up on the beats making the track energetic and lively. To conclude, Luis offers a strip down mix making the track deeper and dj friendly.


Azzatack written by Andre Stepanian
Produced by Andre Stepanian and Luis Machuca
Arranged and mixed by Dj Luis Machuca

1.Azzatack (Original Mix)
2.Azzatack (No Guitar-Extended)

All Tracks Published by: friskybeat records 2018

Producer Luis Machuca collaborates with Lyricist and Spoken Word Artist Olive Jean Love to deliver a mellifluous fusion of R&B, Soul, Hip&Pop in this uplifting, positive, inspirational Dance Track and Video Presentation Directed by Daniel Queland de saint pern - entitled Freedom Is To Dream

Great Diva Carrie Gibson provides the illuminating Vocals to this fresh new vibe that penetrates us to the core of our dreams and fantasies. Olive Jean Love takes you home with a powerful yet gentle Poetic Rap with the Mindful Message that no one can take away our Freedom and Ability to Dream “again and again” and we all have the right to dream about whatever we want to or “can”…

The Production and Arrangement of Freedom Is To Dream is a Spectacular Orchestration of hypnotic strings, soulful choir vocals, followed by melodic synth lines with a hip funky beat as the driving force… All reflective of Luis Machuca's ability to capture a diverse genre of feelings and sounds. Melding them together and inspiring and uplifting the world of the dreamer, in all of us… Included are Remixes by Casomado and Ly Cheng giving an entirely new flavour to Freedom Is To Dream

Written by Olive Jean Love & Luis Machuca
Produced, arranged and mixed by Luis Machuca
Remixed by Casomado and Ly Cheng
Vocals: Carrie Gibson - Rap & Spoken Word: Olive Jean Love

1.FITD (Original Mix)
2.FITD (Casomado Remix)
3.FITD (Dreamstate Mix)
4.FITD (Instrumental)

All Tracks Published by: friskybeat records 2018

Majestic is the newest Ep from the Digital Nomads.

Andre Stepanian writes a magnificent work of art that is a true masterpiece. Influenced by the recognizable sounds of his musical mentors that continue to inspire his extensive artistic talents and evolving career. Andre’s melodic and rhythmic guitar riffs make Majestic an astounding new project for the Digital Nomads.

Luis Machuca has the pleasure of producing, mixing and arranging Majestic generating two unique and contrasting versions. The original version of Majestic is of “pure” sound that compliments Andre's live acoustic performance. The second mix is a Machuca signature with a fresh and “frisky” beat vibe. Created by an exuberant fusion of a new bass-line, keys, smooth synth-pads, and chunky drumbeats.

On the interpretative side, Dj Luis Machuca recreates, mirrors and translates Andre Stepanian’s composition. Luis writes El Majestuoso an original mix that gives the Majestic Ep a frisky soulful and sundry sound and experience…

Majestic Written by Andre Stepanian El Majestuoso written by Dj Luis Machuca
Produced Arranged & Mixed by Luis Machuca
Co-production by Andre Stepanian

1. Majestic (Original Mix) 
2. Majestic (Friskybeat Mix) 
3. El Majestuoso (Original Mix) 

All Tracks Published by: friskybeat records 2017

friskybeat records is pleased to announce their fourth release "I Need Love".

After a long hiatus, Olive Jean Love is back with a delightful combination of lyrics and rhymes. Olive writes a beautiful piece of poetry about the worlds yearning for love. With emotions in rapture, she delivers the spoken word with a performance no short of a masterpiece.

This release also features the great diva Carrie Gibson on lead vocals. Carrie's strong vocal performance shows us why she is an internationally renown singer and a soulful gospel choir Queen. Once you hear her voice, she will take you straight to church.

The musical production expresses the expectation of the writers lyrics and vocal performance with its accented beats, groovy percussion, uplifting keys and funky organ with a subtle touch of strings. The original mix sets the perfect tone for the Ep.

On the remix tip Dj Lucho delivers a fierce yet passionate blend of synths, chord stabs and seductive drums, to give the dancers something to praise about.

The Machucambo remix is an organic and digital orchestrated afro sound that is in motion with the lyrics creating a deep affection between the rhyme and the rhythm.

Written and performed by Olive Jean Love 
Produced & Arranged by Luis Machuca / Co-production by Kavita Singh

Vocals: Olive Jean Love & Carrie Gibson 
Keyboards: Mark Olexson / Bass: David Marion / Congas: Nick Apivor

1. I Need Love (Original Long Intro) 06:09
2. I Need Love (Dj Lucho's Fierce Mix) 06:13
3. I Need Love (Machucambo Mix) 06:45
4. I Need Love (Original Mix) 06:10
5. I Need Love (Original Instrumental) 06:05

All Tracks Published by: friskybeat records 2017

“Luna” is Digital Nomad's third release on friskybeat records.

Digital Nomads third release Luna is a predominantly Latin based song with a symbolic message embracing the power of the moon's dominance and the ability to alter your emotions. Andrea Stepanian is a gifted and talented composer. Andre will dazzle you with his stunning originality, playing melodies, riffs, and chords for Luna that will melt your soul.

Luis Machuca writes the lyrics to Luna that were inspired by Andre's composition and performance. In fact, the words are written in Spanish to convey the depth, warmth, and passion of the song's message. The illuminating vocals are performed by Colombian singer Daniela Carmona. Her sultry voice helps carry out the true essence of the moons emotions. At the same time, Luis gets funky on the drums giving the original mix a live “make you feel good” vibe and gives the second mix a more distinctive deep house sound.

Lastly, we welcome DJ Lucho to the friskybeat record label.
DJ Lucho rework mix gives Luna a new persona, making it a smooth, dreamlike sound that takes you back to the early house days.
This mix will definitely be a crowd pleaser. Arriva!!!


Produced by DJ Luis Machuca / Track written by Andre Stepanian
Lyrics written by Luis Machuca & Vocal performance by Daniela Carmona
Additional keys & synths performed by Nick Apivor & DJ Lucho 
Publishing by: friskybeat records 

1. Luna (Funky Vocal Mix)

2. Luna (Funky Instrumental Mix)

3. Luna  (Deep Instrumental Mix)

4. Luna ( DJ Lucho's Rework)

All Tracks Published by: friskybeat records 2017


“Feeling The Blues” is Digital Nomad's second release on friskybeat records.

This new song will sail your soul into uncharted territories. Andre Stepanian takes a different approach on this track and begins by laying down a stirring synth flute, followed by gutsy guitar chords, and a spirited melody. In the breakdown Andre gets funky and adds chunky piano chords to reinforce the tenacious tone of the track. Luis Machuca’s artful programming and swift arrangements builds a heavy beat with big peaks and deep drops to compliment Andre's musical landscape. Adding subtle and smooth changes and also a couple of evocative vocal samples to enhance the mighty organic and bold digital sounds to create the mysterious and soulful mood of “Feeling The Blues”

"Dip It In Soul Rework" is performed by House Producer and Live Performer Ly Cheng. Ly, was able to capture the essence of "Feeling The Blues" and mould Andre Stepanian and Luis Machuca’s sounds into his own unique fusion of an international soulful chillin' house groove.


Produced by DJ Luis Machuca / Track written by Andre Stepanian
Song mixed & arranged by DJ Luis Machuca
Guitar and piano arranged by Andre Stepanian.
Bass, beat programming and samples by DJ Luis Machuca

Rework by Ly Cheng
Publishing by: friskybeat records 

1. Feeling The Blues (Original Vocal Mix)

2. Feeling The Blues (Instrumental Mix)

3. Feeling The Blues (the reprise)

4. Feeling The Blue (Dip It In Soul Rework)

All Tracks Published by: friskybeat records 2017


Digital Nomads is the first group released under the friskybeat label.

Andre's versatile musical style blends Flamenco, Jazz, and Blues to create this magical new movement and majestic mood. In addition, Luis Machuca's DJ background and beat programming gives Andre’s melodies an edge of divine atmospheric time travel. Together they create “Electricana” a Three Song EP charged with soulful vocals, funky rhythms and an unbounded endless flow of nomadic guitar. Also, included in this EP are two instrumental mixes for the creative DJ / Producer. Enjoy it now!


All tracks produced by Luis Machuca / All Tracks written by Andre Stepanian.

1. “Electricana”

Song mixed & arranged by DJ Luis Machuca
Guitar, instruments, and vocal harmonies arranged by Andre Stepanian.
Beat programming by DJ Luis Machuca

2. “When” (Vocal Mix)

Song mixed and arranged by DJ Luis Machuca
Guitar arrangement by Andre Stepanian
Beat edits and programming by DJ Luis Machuca
Lyrics written by Olive Jean Love
Vocals performed by John Awrey

3. “Why Not” (say you love me) (Vocal mix)

Song mixed and arranged by DJ Luis Machuca
Guitar arrangement by Andre Stepanian
Beat edits and programming by DJ Luis Machuca
Lyrics written by DJ Luis Machuca
Vocals performed by Kristie McCracken 

4. “When” (Instrumental Mix)

5. “Why Not” (say you love me) (Instrumental mix)

All Tracks Published by: friskybeat records 2017