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Olive Jean Love is a Poetess Lyricist and a Spoken Word Artist
She was born in England and moved to Canada as a child.

Her entire life has been surrounded by a diversity of creativity people and music. Her own free flowing energy and love of dance as a teenager introduced her to Funk R&B Soul Disco Hip Hop Rock Rap and House later embracing Spiritual Classical and World music…

As a dedicated Freestyle Dancer especially to House Music the Deejay was her “Favorite Instrument” with their ability to meld any and all sounds into a groove! She had the pleasure and privilege of dancing as a Professional GoGo Dancer with some of the best Deejays in Canada and from around the world.

Olive has a soft spot for the “underdog” and deeply resonates with the energy of the heart. She is an idealist and a natural advocate who believes in peace love health happiness freedom and equality for all beings. Behind the Scenes she had the contentment of working with thousands of individuals in the International Fashion Music and Entertainment industry.

Olive Jean Love has lived her life from a place of multiplicity positive energy creativity integration compassion and meditation. She always claimed that “LOVE” is her true work her reason and her mission. Which is why the name Olive Jean Love was given.

It was one of her favorite Deejays and Producers Luis Machuca who was able to pull Olive out from hiding and convinced her to join forces with him on a Vocal Remix of “Soul Inspiration.” Which then led her to signing with friskybeat records and turning Olive Jean Love’s rhythm and poetry into Song Lyrics. While utilizing her soulful voice for the Spoken Word in The Time Has Come and Freedom Is To Dream.

Olive is thrilled to work with Luis Machuca and his impressive International Collaborative of Musicians at friskybeat records. She feels it to be an honour to have this amazing opportunity to Integrate… Love Music People Dance and Poetry onto one magnificent global page and stage…

Peace Love & Music