friskybeat records is the vision and creation of Luis Machuca's legendary deejay career and journey into the exciting world of dance music…

From Machuca’s early stages of house parties, community events, club nights and the underground music scene, to his collaborations with other renowned artists and deejays. Luis extracted, constructed, developed and established his own fusion and integration of soul, jazz, latin, disco, funk and early house music. His mixes and grooves had such a unique, eclectic, global and pulsating rhythmic flavour, “friskybeat” became the moniker for Machuca’s illustrious sound. Over the years, deejay and now producer Luis Machuca has released original music and remixes on countless labels, yet his own creative vision and dreams were far more extensive. Machuca wanted to unify a collective of producers, songwriters, musicians, lyricist and vocalists, that he could present under one big umbrella. friskybeat records is the birth of his new label and the manifestation of Luis Machuca’s life long dream, dedication and passion for music!